Exterior Waterproofing: When you ensure that the exteriors are water or moisture free, there is no chance of dampness around the property. Caring for your property should be a priority and never be left for tomorrow. Do you have wet basements? If yes, have you thought about where it is coming from? As a matter of fact, it is the outside that is a source of dampness that is ruining the interiors as well.

But you need not worry about anything when you have the team at Gst waterproofers by your side. Here’s how we help exterior waterproof the property:

  • Installing dimple boards on the exterior basements walls so that the accumulated water can be transported to the drainage systems
  • Applying moisture resistant membranes to the exterior walls so that the water can stay away once and for all
  • Installation of footer drainage systems around the property surroundings
  • Weeping tiles are installed that, in turn, ensure that the water is drained off to the intended drainage systems in an effective manner

Interior Waterproofing: Once the exteriors have been protected, it is apt to move on with the interiors. When the interior basements are protected, you wouldn’t have to worry even a bit. It is like a full-proof shielding of the property. Interior waterproofing is the easiest and the most affordable way to stop water from seeping inside the property. Most importantly, your basements stay dry. What else would you want?

The team at Gst waterproofers puts every required effort towards offering the best interior waterproofing solutions. Here’s how we help with interior waterproofing:

  • Repairing and fixing cracks around the basements that provide the inlet for water to seep in
  • Installation of waterproofing sealants that aid in lowering down the moisture levels greatly
  • Installing sump pumps so that accumulated water can get diverted to the drainage systems installed
  • Installing thermal vapor barriers around the basement walls that will prevent wall condensation and will also prevent any mold from growing. 


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